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2024 SHOW 
29th & 30th June
Maryborough Showgrounds



The Regional Queensland Cat Club welcomes all cat owners, from pedigree to companion.

We began in 2020 and hope to continue in friendship into the future.

Our goals are 

1 To have a regional cat club in Queensland

2 To be a cat club that embraces all breeders, whether new or experienced

3 To promote the showing of cats in regional Queensland in a safe and supportive environment.

4 To educate our regional communities on good cat husbandry via our shows.

5 To encourage new people to show, and eventually maybe breed

6 To ensure total inclusion of all members and their cats.

7 To follow the Cat Standards as set and used by ACF 

8 Lets have some fun and really enjoy being cat lovers in regional Queensland.

We are affiliated with the Queensland Feline Association (QFA) who are members of the Australian Cat Federation.

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